Zoom Teeth Whitening & Britesmile Tooth Whitening

Further to your email and my phone call, I understand that you are considering having the 1 hour tooth Whitening Procedure and would like to have some information.

I understand that you are interested in enhancing your smile. I am pleased to advise you that tooth whitening is one of the safest and most effective way of giving yourself a complete smile makeover, it is non invasive and very patient friendly. I can also confirm that it is not abrasive and does not take any part of your tooth enamel away.

Here at The Centre, we offer both Britesmile and Zoom tooth whitening. These whitening procedures are very safe, effective and patient friendly. It takes an hour for each of the procedures plus 1/2 hour for preparation and instructions. Depending on your teeth you can expect a change in shade between 3 to 10 shades lighter. Of course, the results vary from person to person. The Whitening Procedure involves a gel application every 15-20 minutes, which is then activated by a special light source. Britesmile gel when applied on to teeth is activated by a special blue light source whereas Zoom gel is activated by UV light which then whitens your teeth. We have noticed that some patients have achieved remarkable results with this system.

Being a New Patient, an initial consultation would be carried out prior to the procedure to ensure your gums are healthy and your teeth are sound. This can all be done on the same day; the dental surgeon will then advise you which tooth whitening system will work better for you.

I am pleased to advise you that The is officially “UK’s No 1 Britesmile Centre” and therefore is offering this 1-hour Zoom Tooth Whitening procedure at a special fee of £395.

We do have a dedicated Tooth Whitening Clinic with flexible with appointments. Should you have any further queries or wish to make an appointment please feel free to call me on 0746 285 8625 or send me an email with some dates & times convenient, so that I set some time aside for you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Note: To the best of our knowledge, according to current regulations it is only legal for a dentist or dental care professional to whiten your teeth