Wisdom Teeth Removal for Pain Relief

Have you ever experienced wisdom tooth pain? This dental problem may be one of the most uncomfortable ones you can feel, especially when infection has set in. There are times that the pain will be such that moving around normally is not possible, even if the discomfort should be concentrated supposedly only on the mouth or face area. This is the reason why it is crucial to get long-lasting relief from the pain caused by a wisdom tooth.

A wisdom tooth is located in the back portion of the mouth, and is usually one of the last teeth to erupt from under the gum line. As such, wisdom teeth may not have enough space to come out from under the gum line in a normal manner. These teeth may erupt from the gums in a sideways manner, pushing against the surrounding teeth as it tries to grow out normally. The sideways growth can be uncomfortable, but this pain is magnified when the tooth gets infected. The infection can come from the inability to properly clean the tooth, since it has not fully come out from under the gums.

An infected and impacted wisdom tooth, or one that has not come out fully from under the gums, will need to be removed using oral surgery. An incision on the gums will provide access to the tooth underneath, making it easier for the dentist to extract the wisdom tooth. Removing the tooth will not only provide long-lasting pain relief, it will also stop the infection from spreading to other teeth or to the gums.

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