Will Dental Implants Last for a Long Time?

Dental implants are ideal solutions for missing teeth problems. The artificial tooth roots are attached to the jawbone and will securely hold teeth restorations in place, to bring back the normal function and appearance of the smile. Unlike removable dentures that have the tendency to become loose with long-term use, dental implants can be trusted to provide reliable missing teeth solutions for a long period of time, especially with the proper care and use.


After an implant treatment, proper care should be given to the implant system to ensure its continued good health for years to come. The teeth restorations (such as dental crowns or a dental bridge) and the implants may be made from artificial materials, but this does not mean that they are not susceptible to damage when they are not properly taken care of. As the implants are embedded into the jawbone, any dental problems that affect the general mouth area can affect the implant’s health as well.

Good oral hygiene is highly important in maintaining the proper condition of the implant system. Tooth brushing should be done on a regular basis, to keep food debris and bacteria away from the areas surrounding the implants and the teeth restorations. Proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits will also ensure that good gum health is maintained. The gums provide structural support to the implants, so keeping the gums healthy will be hugely beneficial in keeping the implant system working perfectly for a long period of time.

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