Why Do you Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Do you have a severe toothache? There might be an infection involved, and the only way the pain will go away permanently is to get to the root cause of the problem, quite literally speaking. A root canal treatment is done when the pulp portion of the tooth has been damaged due to decay or injury. An infection may cause an abscess, which may be the major reason for the discomfort. The root canal procedure will ensure that the infection does not spread to most of the tooth, and to the other surrounding tissue.

What can you expect from a root canal treatment? A local anaesthetic will be used by your dentist to numb the area before the tooth is drilled to gain access to its inner portion. The root canal will then be cleaned to remove and contain the infection, preventing its spread to other parts. The root canal is then sealed, and a temporary dental crown is placed; this will then be checked on a subsequent visit to determine if all infection is removed before the permanent crown can be placed.

A root canal is also done to save the tooth from being extracted after it has been infected. The goal is to do everything possible to save a tooth from being lost permanently. Without a root canal treatment, severe tooth pain may be present for a longer period of time and the infection can spread to the gums and other surrounding tissue.

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