Why do Dentures Become Loose?

Dentures used to be the only solution to missing teeth problems. The artificial teeth can quickly restore the normal appearance and use of the smile, after the loss of natural teeth. In just a short period of time, a complete smile can be put in place with a dentures treatment. However, problems with the way the dentures fit will soon arise, mainly because of the removable nature of the teeth replacements. Pain, discomfort, and embarrassment are usually experienced by those who have been using dentures for a long period of time.


Dentures tend to lose their comfortable fit as the years go by. Dentures that once fit tightly inside the mouth will become loose with the passage of time, because the issue of bone deterioration is not addressed. Bone thinning occurs when the tooth roots (which are lost along with the natural teeth) are not replaced, and the jawbone does not have the stimulation it needs to maintain a healthy structure.

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without the stimulation from the tooth roots, the bone deteriorates in time. The jawbone deterioration significantly affects the way the dentures fit inside the mouth – as the bone becomes progressively thinner, the once tight-fitting dentures become loose as well.

Loose dentures can cause a great deal of pain and embarrassment for the wearer. Ill-fitting dentures rub uncomfortably inside the mouth, causing painful mouth sores. It is also extremely embarrassing if the loose dentures suddenly jump out from the mouth with the slightest movement! Stop the pain and embarrassment of wearing loose dentures now with an implant treatment at Life Dental Implants. You will be sure that your smile will not move with the firm attachment to the jawbone via the implants. Say goodbye to the discomfort and embarrassment of loose dentures as you welcome a confident smile with the help of dental implants!