Why CT Scans are Important for Dental Implant Treatments

Dental implants are ideal solutions to missing teeth problems. The titanium implants replace the role of lost tooth roots in stimulating the jawbone to prevent bone deterioration. After being inserted into the jawbone, the implants are then attached to either dental crowns or a dental bridge to complete the smile restoration. Confident, complete smiles are then brought back even after the loss of most or all of the natural teeth.

Prior to the actual placement of dental implants, there are several steps that need to be followed as part of the planning process. Aside from obtaining information about the patient’s overall and dental health history, a number of diagnostic tests will be needed to facilitate the treatment. One of the most important diagnostics is obtaining images of the oral cavity, as well as other structures of the mouth and facial area. CT scans provide much more detailed images compared to regular dental X-rays, which will help in the formulation of the dental implant treatment plan.

The three-dimensional images obtained by a dental CT scan will give the implant dentist a clearer idea regarding the anatomical structure of the patient’s mouth. The images will also be helpful in planning where the implants will precisely be placed, increasing both the success and the safety of the actual dental implant placement. Aside from the accuracy brought by the dental CT scans, the patient is also exposed to only a low dose of radiation as compared to an X-ray machine.

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