Why Not to go Abroad

Why NOT to Go Abroad for Dental Implant Treatment by Life Dental Implants

(You could save a lot of money, time and stress in the long run)

  1. “As the UK Dental Regulator (General Dental Council), all Dental Professionals must be Registered with us to Work in the UK. We Set the Standards they Must Adhere to. We Can’t Guarantee Another Organisation Like us Exists in Other Countries,” GDC
  2. The True Cost in Most Cases is NOT the Price Displayed. What is the All-in Cost?
  3. Does that Country have a Professional Regulatory Body to Govern Standards?
  4. Are the Qualifications of Dental Professionals Genuine? www.healthregulation.org
  5. Who do you Complain to?
  6. How Can you be Sure of the Actual Treatment Success Rate?
  7. Is Treatment Guaranteed?
  8. Will you Fly Back to see the Same Dentist?
  9. Aftercare (and Remedial Work) may be Necessary and Return Flights, Hotels, other Travel Expenses and your Time can be Costly to you and your Job.
  10. If you have had Treatment Abroad and your Aftercare is in the UK then you are NOT Being Seen by the Same Dentist
  11. Some Dental Implant Dentists Abroad Offer UK Consultations. Are they Registered in the UK?
  12. If NOT then they are Working illegally. Find out here: www.gdc-uk.org
  13. Not All the Staff May be fluent English Speaking to Address your Every Need
  14. Are the Testimonials and Before & After Treatment Images Genuine?
  15. More Information at
    UK Dental Regulator (General Dental Council)