Who Can Benefit from Same Day Teeth?

Same day teeth is the term used for the dental implant treatment which involves the loading of implants and the attachment of the corresponding teeth restorations – all on the same day. After determining the suitability for the treatment, this procedure uses either 4 or 6 dental implants to restore the function and healthy appearance of the smile, after multiple tooth loss. The fully-restored, completely natural-looking smile can be enjoyed immediately after the implants and teeth replacements are placed, with very little to zero downtime involved.

Which conditions can benefit from the same day dental implants treatment?

*All teeth missing – Losing all your natural teeth isn’t the end of the world! You can still bring back your beautiful smile with the help of 4 or 6 dental implants attached to a dental bridge using the same day teeth method at Life Dental Implants London. The dental bridge is secured in place by the implants, resulting in a smile that looks and feels like your natural teeth.

*Loose dentures – Do you have ill-fitting dentures? Solve this problem with same day dental implants, which are used to hold the dentures or dental bridge firmly in place by being securely connected to both the jawbone and the teeth restorations. Say goodbye to embarrassing and painful loose dentures, thanks to this dental implant treatment!

*Loose or rotten teeth – Put an end to embarrassing loose or rotten teeth by choosing same day teeth implants. The implants and the corresponding teeth replacement will be placed within the same day, giving you a brand-new, confident smile without the long wait.

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