When is the Right Time for Dental Implants?

Missing teeth can cause significant changes in your smile. As soon as you lose your natural teeth, your smile will instantly change its appearance, looking unhealthy and incomplete with all the unsightly gaps caused by tooth loss. The way you speak will also change especially if most of your front teeth have been lost. Chewing on food will become painful and difficult to manage as well, since your gums will take on the role of cutting food as you eat.

You will need dental implants as soon as your teeth go missing, so you can avoid the discomfort, hassle, and embarrassment of experiencing missing teeth problems. The dental implants are inserted into your jawbone to serve as artificial tooth roots, continuing to stimulate the bone after the loss of the natural tooth roots. Having dental implants placed soon after the tooth loss will help in preventing the onset of bone deterioration. This way, you will not have to deal with the problems associated with bone thinning.

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tissue to prevent deterioration. The implants are then attached to teeth replacements such as dental crowns or dental bridge to fully restore the normal appearance and use of the smile.

Those who have suffered from long-term tooth loss can still benefit from having dental implants. Even if teeth have been missing for a few years and the jawbone has suffered from bone thinning, a dental implant treatment will still be able to work to improve the smile. Mini implants from Life Dental Implants can be used for bone that has deteriorated, and will be able to support dental crowns or a full arch of artificial teeth to restore the beauty, health, and confidence of your smile.