What to Do with Loose Dentures?

Dentures are created to save your smile when you suffer from multiple tooth loss, or if you have suffered from missing all your teeth on a given arch. This dental restoration is designed to bring back the normal appearance and function of your smile, so you don’t have to go through life being toothless. When you have been using dentures for a long time, you will start to experience some problems with its fit and proper use – both of which are affected by its removal nature. If you are suffering from loose denture problems, it’s time to turn to dental implants for a more permanent and comfortable solution.

Are you a long-term denture wearer? If you are, you have most likely experienced the discomfort of the teeth replacements moving inside your mouth in an uncontrollable manner. Even the slightest movement can push the dentures to fall out from what is supposed to be the normal position in your mouth. The constant movement can result in painful ulcers to form on the inner cheek and tongue. In addition, it is also very embarrassing to have the dentures move noticeably whenever you speak or move your mouth!

What should be done about loose dentures? Dental implants offer long-term solutions that look & feel like your natural teeth. The implants are inserted into the jawbone and will be used to secure the dentures or a dental bridge securely in place. Implant-stabilised teeth restorations will stay in their position, eliminating embarrassing and painful problems caused by loose dentures.

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