What is Computer Aided Dental Implant Placement?

The placement of dental implants needs a high level of accuracy and precision, to ensure that the implants are placed in the exact position in the patient’s anatomy where they need to be located. The success of the dental implants placement and treatment will be greatly affected by how accurately the implants are placed in the patient’s jaw bone – and this accuracy can be achieved with the help of computer aided dental implant placement.

Computer Aided Dental Implant Placement

Computer aided dental implant placement is done with the use of a CT scanner, which comes up with three-dimensional images of the patient’s jaw bone area – with the results and images usually obtained in just a few minutes. The images that are obtained with the help of the CT scanner can help the dentist in determining the density of the patient’s jaw bone mass, the shape and the anatomy of it and the location of important anatomical structures. This will also help the dentist in pinpointing the exact area where the dental implants will need to be placed.

Computer guided dental implant placement gives the dentist the ability to place the implants exactly where they need to be located – an ability that may not be possible (or at least, very greatly decreased) when dental implants placement is done without the help of three-dimensional images. The success of the entire dental implant treatment will significantly be affected by the accuracy of the implants placement. The three-dimensional images from the CT scan can also help the dentist in checking if the patient has sufficient jaw bone mass to support the placement of dental implants – so that the necessary procedures (such as bone grafting) can be done to ensure that the dental implants treatment will be a complete success.

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