What Happens After Tooth Loss?

Have you experienced losing one or more of your teeth? There are several reasons why teeth go missing, including gum disease, tooth decay, and injuries toe face or mouth area. Regardless of the reason for the toothless condition, one will experience significant changes – with long-term effects – with the loss of natural teeth.

Immediately after tooth loss, one’s appearance will suffer a huge setback. A single missing tooth will instantly make the smile incomplete and unhealthy-looking. Several missing teeth, or all teeth missing, can make one look dramatically older than the actual age. This is because being toothless and a hollowed mouth area is closely associated with advanced age. Aside from the aesthetics, the functional aspect of the smile is also greatly affected by tooth loss. What used to be normal daily tasks such as eating, and speaking will become difficult to manage with missing teeth. Chewing becomes uncomfortable to do while speaking or even laughing can be embarrassing without the natural teeth to complete the smile.

If you are suffering from the effects of tooth loss, you can still bring back your healthy smiles – with the help of dental implants. These artificial tooth roots made of titanium are inserted into the jawbone and given a chance to integrate with surrounding tissue during a healing period. Afterwards, the implants will then be attached to teeth restorations, such as dental crowns or a dental bridge, to make the smile complete again after tooth loss.

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