What are Over-dentures?

Dentures restore the normal appearance and use of the smile, after the loss of multiple natural teeth. Sadly, the comfortable use of dentures does not last forever. If you use removable dentures, within a few years you will notice that the artificial teeth which once fit tightly in your mouth slowly become loose and uncomfortable to wear. The removable nature of dentures does not address the issue of lost tooth roots, leading to jawbone deterioration and the loosening of the teeth restoration.

loose dentures

“Over-dentures” refers to the technique of using implants to stabilise dentures so the teeth restorations will stay in place. This treatment makes uses mini dental implants that can be placed into the jawbone without the need for invasive procedures. Using mini implants also eliminates the need to have even more complicated treatments such as bone grafting for a thin jawbone condition. The minimally-invasive procedure involves less trauma, a shorter recovery period, and virtually zero downtime as the implants can immediately be used after being loaded and attached to the dentures.

You can say goodbye to loose denture problems with the help of an implant treatment at Life Dental Implants in London. Over-dentures give you the confidence of a beautiful smile, without the worries of removable dentures that can suddenly move and come out of your mouth in the most embarrassing manner.

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