What are Dental Implant Costs in London?

What are Dental Implant Costs in London? – a major cause of concern for patients.

Dental Implant costs can be quite a concern for many patients  especially in London which is perceived to be generally expensive for all things. However, conversely as there are a lot of practices offering   a dental implant service competition has brought the costs down where London is now  more affordable than many non urban centres. Medical and dental tourism has added to the downward pressure on price so some people will chose to fly to places such as Budapest and further afield for dental implant treatment.  

Although cost is often a major factor in whether to seek treatment it should not be the only determinant and one could argue not the most important one in the decision process. However specifically on price here’s what to consider.

1. What does the headline price include?


Many practices will often advise on a price for a complete dental implant which is a useful method of comparison and this usually means the price of the dental  implant, implant abutment and crown. beware of unusually


 low headline prices as they invariably do not include all the components above.

2. What other costs may apply?


You can only get a customised treatment plan once you have seen a dentist so that you have a clear knowledge of what’s involved in your treatment. The internet is a wonderful tool for research but you must see a dental implant surgeon somewhere along the line. You should allow possible additional costs for the following :

  • ·         assessment – essential before any dental implant treatment.
  • ·         scans, CT Scans, x-rays, diagnostic wax ups, stents etc
  • ·         Pre dental implant treatment. this may include extractions, temporary restorations, dental hygienist treatment, fillings and crowns etc. it is important that prior to  dental implant work your mouth is a safe and healthy environment. You may have your regular dentist attend to this.


3. What aftercare is included?


You should enquire as to what is included in this and for how long. Check on exclusion and limitations.

If you can’t afford dental implant treatment in the UK can you afford to go abroad?