Upgrade your Holiday Smile with Same Day Implants

December 23rd, 2015Special OffersComments:0

If you have missing teeth, you’re probably dreading this holiday season instead of welcoming it. The festive mood can be ruined if you constantly worry about hiding your smiles during gatherings, and if you can’t even enjoy the sumptuous holiday feast in front of you. Life Dental Implants gives you more reasons to smile confidently this season (and beyond), with our special offer for Same Day Implants.

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Celebrate the holidays with this marvellous offer – get 15% off Same Day Teeth Implants (Full Mouth Implants), for the Upper or Lower Set of Teeth. Hurry and call us now, as this deal is only available until December 31, 2015.

A Same Day Teeth treatment makes it possible for you to enjoy fully restored smiles all within one day of treatment. There is no need for you to wait for weeks before you can enjoy the full use of dental implants and teeth replacements. Full Mouth Implants quickly restore your smile if you have lost all of your teeth, are suffering from failing teeth, or if you want to improve your loose denture use.

Life Dental Implants’ fantastic Christmas deal for Same Day Implants includes:

• 15% Discount Price: £12,665.00 (Per Jaw)
• Normal Price: £14,990.00 (Per Jaw)
• Magnificent Savings of £2235.00 (Per Jaw) + Dental CT Scan worth £395.00

*We also offer 0% Finance spread over 3 years for the Normal Full Mouth Implants Price of £14,900.00 (£413.89.00/month based on Finance over 3 years).

Welcome the New Year with a brand-new smile fixed within one day. Call us now at 0746 285 8625 to inquire or book this sensational Same Day Teeth offer from Life Dental Implants.

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