Treatment Stages in a Nutshell

What can you expect from your implant treatment at Life Dental Implants?

Initial (Free) Consultation – Your first consultation is free of charge, and will give you an opportunity to get to know Dr. Azhar Sheikh. This is also your chance to get to know all that you can about your missing teeth problems, and the available treatment options – all without any obligation. You will be encouraged by Dr. Sheikh to ask as many questions you like, to help you make the decision of going through the treatment at Life Dental Implants.

The first consultation is essentially a chance to know, without any obligation, if Dr. Azhar Sheikh is exactly the dentist you are looking for!

If you feel that Dr. Sheikh and Life Dental Implants can give you the missing teeth solutions you need, the next treatment stages will bring you closer to your beautiful, healthy smiles.
Along with treatment options, it is usual to discuss initial costs so as to make this visit meaningful and allow you to decide if the treatment requested or proposed is viable. The costs will be confirmed after the detailed assessment.

Detailed Assessment – This treatment stage includes taking your detailed medical history, as well as a full assessment of your dental health. A detailed exam of your mouth will be made; diagnostics such as X-rays, photos, casts, and CT scans of your mouth may also be taken as part of the assessment stage. These exams and diagnostics will help Dr. Sheikh in formulating a treatment plan that best suits your implant needs.

Mock-ups or designs of the finished result are often part of the assessment stage, to help you visualise what the end result will look like. These designs are also very helpful in the creating the treatment plan, and for the accurate placement of the implants.

If for whatever reason you are not suitable for an implant treatment, Dr. Azhar Sheikh will advise you accordingly. You will be given other treatment alternatives, and you will have the final decision on whether to go for the alternative treatment, or not to undergo any treatment at all. There are times when no treatment at all may be your best option, and Dr. Sheikh will often discuss this option first with you.

Full Report and Consent – You will be presented with a full report, which includes:

  • Details of the discussions about the treatment
  • Treatment plan formulated, with the possible variations/alternatives
  • Available treatment options
  • Benefits and risks of the treatment
  • Timeline or schedule of the treatment
  • Costs involved

The dental implant treatment will not proceed without the presentation of the full report to you. Once you have considered the report, you will then have to give your consent and agreement, before the actual implant treatment can take place.