Tooth Decay Detection

October 15th, 2017DENTAL PREVENTIONComments:0

Tooth decay is most commonly associated with tooth pain and severe discomfort – enough for the patient to urgently go to their dentist for immediate treatment. However, there are some cases when decay is already present but no pain is involved. This does not mean that the decay does not need professional attention just yet. Early detection will always be the best course to take to prevent dental problems from worsening into more serious concerns.

Regular tooth brushing may sometimes not be enough to prevent tooth decay. This is because there are some parts of your teeth and mouth that tooth brushing alone may not thoroughly clean. In addition, you will not be able to see all areas of your mouth even when using a mirror. On the other hand, the dentist or dental hygienist will be able to detect the earliest signs of tooth decay, making it possible for you to have the proper treatment before the problem becomes worse.

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mouth and teeth by a visual inspection such as opening your mouth wide in front of a mirror. To avoid tooth decay and its accompanying pain and discomfort, it is necessary to regularly go to the dentist who can determine the presence of decay in its earliest stages.

A regular hygiene appointment includes a detailed examination of the teeth, gums, and the whole mouth area. This enables the dentist to check for any signs of tooth decay. If decay has already set in, the necessary treatment will be done to prevent it from worsening. Prevention of tooth decay is much better than going through an extensive (and possibly, expensive) treatment if the situation gets more complicated.