The Emotional Stress Caused by Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth, you will experience a host of problems from the moment of tooth loss, until the problem is addressed properly. Drastic changes in your physical appearance will be the most obvious (and the first) result of losing natural teeth. Even a single missing tooth can make you look instantly unattractive. You will also experience problems with the way your teeth function. Mealtimes can be particularly challenging without natural teeth; what was once an enjoyable activity can turn into a painful ordeal with missing teeth.

missing teeth emotional

Missing teeth problems can take their toll emotionally as well. The simple act of smiling can become a challenging one if you know that your smile does not look healthy or attractive because of the gaps caused by tooth loss. Imagine having to put on the breaks every time you want to smile, for fear of embarrassment and judgment from other people. Tooth loss can also takes its toll on your confidence, and with the way you interact with those around you on a daily basis.

You can relieve the emotional stress of losing your natural teeth by turning to the ideal missing teeth solution – dental implants. An implant treatment at Life Dental Implants can bring back the normal function and healthy appearance of your smile. Once the implants and the corresponding artificial teeth are in place, you will be able to eat, smile, and speak normally again. Dental implants can ease the emotional burden caused by being toothless, giving you the chance to enjoy life once more.

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