Stop Painful Mouth Sores from Denture Use

Long term denture use can result to a host of problems. As time goes by, the dentures which once felt tightly comfortable inside the mouth will start to feel loose, and will eventually move inside the mouth with even the slightest movement. This uncontrollable movement can be extremely embarrassing – just imagine having a conversation with your friends, and suddenly your teeth restorations make an unwelcome appearance by jumping out of your mouth! The teeth replacements that once saved your smile may now cause your self-esteem to plummet.

Aside from the embarrassing episodes of uncontrolled movement, dentures can also cause a lot of discomfort when they become loose. Ill-fitting dentures do not stay firmly in place; instead, they repeatedly rub against the gums and soft inner mouth areas. This constant friction can result in the formation of painful mouth sores, which in turn will not heal quickly if they are always in contact with the loose dentures.

You can solve a painful dentures problem with an implant treatment at Life Dental Implants London. The implants are inserted into your jawbone to provide a secure anchor to where teeth restorations can be attached. You are assured that your teeth will not suddenly jump out of your mouth in an embarrassing manner, and you can say goodbye to painful mouth sores as the teeth replacements stay firmly in place, attached to dental implants.

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