Steps Prior to the Actual All on Four Dental Implants Treatment

The All on Four Dental Implants technique makes use of four dental implants to provide missing teeth solutions – fixed teeth restorations – in a single day. The four dental implants will provide the support for the fixed dentures or dental bridge, replacing the form and function of most of  a full arch of teeth. Not all patients are suitable and often there are preparatory steps proir to this procedure. Life Dental Implants London will give you the information on the initial steps involved before the actual All on Four dental implants placement, so you can prepare yourself fully for this treatment plan.

Always, before the actual surgery for placing the All on Four dental implants, an initial consultation is necessary to discuss the options for the treatment. The consultation stage will include the dental and medical assessment of the patient, to completely determine the suitability for the All on Four dental implants treatment. The assessment period may also include getting dental CT scans, X-rays, and photos of the patient’s teeth (and the whole mouth area, including the jaws) – these images are necessary to be able to formulate a detailed plan to answer the patient’s specific implant needs. After the necessary tests are concluded, a report with all the findings, treatment plan details, and the corresponding fees, will be sent or given to the patient.

The steps prior to the All on Four dental implants placement are just as important as the actual procedure, as these initial steps will pave the way for the success of the overall treatment plan. Life Dental Implants in London believes that this assessment stage will help the patient in preparing in every way possible for the All on Four treatment, so he or she can enjoy the full benefits of this technique.

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