Start your Day without Morning Breath

September 12th, 2016UncategorizedComments:0

As you wake up after a restful night of sleep, you want only the most pleasant things to ease you into a new day. An awful smell when you open your mouth will definitely jolt you awake, but in an unpleasant manner. That good morning greeting won’t hold the same meaning when you have bad breath upon waking up. Just imagine what that foul smell can do to your loved one very early in the morning, every day!

morning breath

What causes morning breath? The answer: basically, the same things that cause bad breath during other times of the day. Any food pieces left inside the mouth can interact with bacteria, causing the unpleasant smells. Make sure that you thoroughly brush your teeth before going to sleep to remove all food particles. Cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush or a tongue scraper can also reduce the incidence of morning breath.

Morning breath can also be caused by dry mouth. Bacteria inside the mouth can multiply more quickly when saliva production is reduced. When you sleep with your mouth open, your mouth becomes dry as a result – and morning breath greets you when you wake up. Try shifting to a new sleeping position to avoid having your mouth open while you sleep, so you can improve your chances of eliminating the unwelcome morning breath.

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