Speak Better After an Implant Treatment

When you lose your teeth, you can expect several major changes to happen to the function and appearance of your smile. This is regardless of the number of teeth involved – although the problem may be magnified when most or all your teeth have gone missing. Aside from the obvious change in your appearance that can instantly age your face as soon as you lose your teeth, one of the biggest changes would be in the way you speak.

A complete set of teeth is necessary for a beautiful smile, as well as other functional concerns. When your teeth go missing, you will have a difficult time speaking clearly as you have once done. This is because the spaces left by the tooth loss will negatively affect the way you speak and pronounce words. Aside from the frustrations of having to repeat words so that others may finally understand what you are trying to say, it is also embarrassing to have to repeat yourself and continually expose your toothless condition every time you open your mouth.

An implant treatment at Life Dental Implants can help improve the way you speak after you lose your teeth. The implants are inserted into your jawbone to integrate with surrounding bone tissue, and are then attached to teeth restorations such as a dental crown or a dental bridge. With the (formerly) toothless gaps closed, you will once more be able to confidently speak clearly, with no need to repeat yourself just to be understood by those around you.

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