Solving a Single Missing Tooth Problem

Losing one tooth might not seem like such a big problem at first, but that is before all other problems set in. A single missing tooth will initially look like it will not affect the smile that much, since the space created is small. Depending on the location of the tooth loss, it may not be that noticeable at first. However, when left untreated, a single tooth loss can create complicated problems in both the aesthetics and the function of the smile.


Even one lost tooth can instantly transform the appearance of your smile, instantly turning it into an unattractive one. Your once complete smile will immediately look unhealthy with even a single missing tooth, especially if the lost tooth is located in the front portion which can easily be seen when the mouth is opened. If a front tooth is involved, you may find yourself lisping and having difficulties with speaking normally. Biting on food items and chewing can also be a problem with even just one tooth missing, making mealtimes almost unbearable and frustrating to go through.

A dental implant from Life Dental Implants can put an end to problems involving a single lost tooth. The artificial titanium root is embedded into the jawbone to replace the lost tooth root. This solves the problem of bone deterioration, which can occur with long term tooth loss. The implant will then be connected to a dental crown to restore the normal function and appearance of the smile.

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