Sinus Lift & Sinus Bone Graft


would you please profvide with approx quote for sinus lift right and left with 2 implants on each side.


Thank you for your interest.

I understand that you are considering having Dental Implant Supported Restorations however; due to bone resorption you have been advised that you may require a Sinus Lift. As per your email, I will be happy to give you a general idea of costs subject to confirmation. The fee for a Sinus Lift normally depends on the complexity of the case however, should you need a bone graft in the Sinus area to acquire adequate bone height for implants then the fee for grafting can be £2500-£3500. The cost of an Implant complete with a Post and Crown is £1500 per tooth.

I feel that the best way of assessing your dental needs will be for one of our experienced Implantologists to see you. They will assess your dental needs and then advise you of the best treatment options, the procedure involved and the cost. I am pleased to advise you that we are offering a Complimentary Consultation until the end of November 2010, please let me know if this is of interest to you.

I hope you find this information helpful and look forward to hearing from you soon.

With kind regards