Short-term Orthodontics with Long-term Benefits

Straight teeth can do wonders in improving the overall appearance of your smile. Not everyone is blessed with a naturally straight set of teeth, and this is where orthodontic treatments come in. These treatments aim to correct the alignment of the teeth to make them straighter, resulting in improvements in both the aesthetics and function of the smile. The conventional method of teeth straightening involves the use of metal wires and brackets to move teeth, but there are now more discreet orthodontic treatment options to choose from.

One of the discreet ways to straighten teeth is called the Six Month Smiles method. As the name suggests, teeth are straightened in an average treatment time spanning 6 months – depending on the degree of misalignment or case severity. Minor teeth misalignments can now be corrected without the need to wait for a few years for the orthodontic treatment to be completed, with this type of short-term orthodontic treatment option. There is no need to worry about having a smile filled with metal parts that can cause embarrassment especially to adult patients.

The 6 month smiles technique uses low forces to gently yet effectively straighten the teeth. Clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are used in this orthodontic treatment, making it possible to move teeth into a straighter position in the most discreet fashion. This teeth straightening method is also considered to be a more economical option compared to aligner therapy, conventional dental braces, or dental veneers to improve the function & appearance of the smile.

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