Securing Dentures with Dental Implants

Dentures replace both the form and the function of lost natural teeth. However, using removable dentures for a long period of time can affect the comfortable fit of these dental restorations. Jawbone deterioration will gradually result when the missing teeth roots are not replaced, because these lost tooth roots are responsible for the stimulation that keeps the jawbone structure healthy.

securing dentures

When the jawbone continues to deteriorate, the removable dentures that were once tight and comfortable fitting will start to become loose. If you have loose dentures, you will experience pain and discomfort when the dentures rub against the insides of your mouth. Ill-fitting dentures are also a major source of embarrassment when they move and fall out of the mouth unexpectedly.

Do you want to solve the problem of loose dentures? Dental implants from Life Dental Implants London can secure loose dentures to eliminate discomfort and embarrassment from your smiles.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Mini implants are attached to the jawbone to provide much-needed support to dentures. The smaller implants are placed using a minimally-invasive procedure, without the need to do a bone graft even if the jawbone has deteriorated. The dentures will not move around inside the mouth anymore when they are firmly attached to the jawbone through the dental implants.

Problems with loose dentures are solved with the help of mini dental implants. You can enjoy more secure and more attractive smiles when you do not have to worry about dentures that move around unexpectedly inside the mouth. With implant-supported dentures , you can have the missing teeth solutions you need in a confident and very comfortable way.

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