Same Day Teeth in London for Same Day Brighter Smiles

Same day teeth refers to the method of attaching dental restorations to dental implants, the same day that the implants were embedded into the jawbone. With this treatment at Life Dental Implants in London, there is no need for you to undergo a long waiting period to enjoy the benefits of an implant treatment. You can go into the clinic to have the implants placed into your jaw, and come out a few hours after with a brand new smile, complete with the teeth replacements fixed into place.

same day teeth implants

Do you want to have dental implants, but are worried about the long healing period involved? Are you interested to about same day implants? Read on to know more about the advantages that you can enjoy with the same day teeth treatment.

Advantages of Same Day Implants

  • You can immediately see the aesthetic improvement in your smile after a same day teeth treatment. There is no need to use temporary teeth restorations, or to wait for a few months for your permanent teeth replacements. You can enjoy a healthier-looking smile within the same day that the implants (and the teeth replacements) are attached.
  • The function of your teeth can be enjoyed immediately as well, within the same day that the implants and restorations are attached. You will be able to smile, speak, and eat more properly in the same day that the treatment is completed.
  • Complicated procedures, such as bone grafting or nerve repositioning, can be avoided with this treatment. The overall cost can be reduced when there is no need for these advanced techniques.
  • Problems with removable dentures are solved with same day implants attached to a fixed bridge.

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