Same Day Teeth Dental Implants – Better Alternatives to Removable Dentures

Dentures as replacement solutions for missing teeth can be a quick fix and are indeed an economical method of getting new teeth and are perfectly satisfactory for a lot of patients. However, dentures are generally an inferior method of missing teeth replacement for most patients in the current age and climate who want fiexed teeth. Dentures also have many limitations in terms of stability, falling out, eating and talking with confidence and enjoyment. Life Dental Implants in central London offers patients  a much better alternative to removable dentures – the same day teeth dental implants method – which can also effectively address the issue of missing teeth, without the long waiting period for the teeth restorations to be attached.

The same day teeth dental implants method uses dental implants to provide a firm support for a fixed bridge, which can address the issues of missing teeth in a more effective way than removable dentures. And as the name suggests, same day teeth dental implants can be placed (along with the tooth restorations or fixed bridge) within the same day, giving the patient the chance to enjoy a brand-new smile without waiting for a few months for the implants to be healed – and for the teeth replacements to be attached. Same day teeth dental implants – and the dental bridge – are firmly fixed in place, so there are no episodes that involve moving/loose dentures, which can be very uncomfortable for the patient.

Same day teeth dental implants by Life Dental Implants London offer better missing teeth replacement alternatives to removable dentures, and will allow eligible patients to enjoy their brand-new smiles after just one dental appointment. The fixed bridge attached to the same day teeth dental implants ensures that the teeth restorations are firmly attached to the jaw bone, so the patients can go about their daily activities – without having to worry about the pain and embarrassment that loose dentures can bring.

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