Same Day Implants: Immediate Improvements for Your Smile

Improving your smile can take a long time, especially if a lot of treatments need to be completed to achieve the improvement that you want. Dental implants as missing teeth solutions, for example, involve a waiting period that can span a few months; this is because the implants need to go through a healing period before the teeth restorations (dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures) can be attached.

same day implants

If there is a way to get full smile improvements within the same day, will you be interested in knowing more about this treatment? Do you want to have a brand-new, much-improved smile without the long waiting time? Same day implants at Life Dental Implants in London offer you immediate missing teeth solutions within the same day that the implants are loaded.

Same Day Teeth Solutions

Same day implants are loaded to the jawbone, and attached to dental restorations (such as a dental bridge or a set of dentures) within the same day. These implants are often used to replace a full set of teeth in a given arch (the upper of the lower arch), with the necessary teeth extractions done within the same day as well.

Immediate improvements with both the appearance and the function of teeth can be enjoyed after the placement of the same day dental implants. There is no need to wait for a few months, or even years, to fully utilise the implants. You can come out of the dental clinic within the same day with a brand-new smile that you can immediately use and be proud of.

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