Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Are you suffering from missing teeth problems? How long since you lost your natural teeth? Going through life without teeth is very difficult, as the problem affects you in numerous ways. Your appearance undergoes a drastic change once you lose your teeth – you will instantly look unhealthy and unattractive as you go toothless. Even the way you speak will be affected, as it will be challenging to clearly pronounce words without your teeth. Mealtimes can be painful to manage if you have to chew your food using only your gums.


Dental implants provide long-lasting solutions to tooth loss problems. The titanium implants replace the function of lost tooth roots and are inserted into the jawbone to provide a secure anchor for the attachment of teeth restorations (dental crowns or a dental bridge). Dental implants are used to restore the healthy use and appearance of the smile. With the teeth restorations, the smile becomes fully functional once again, and will look naturally attractive without the unsightly toothless gaps.

Replacing missing teeth is not the only benefit that comes from a dental implant treatment. The implants also replace the role of tooth roots, which were lost along with the natural teeth. Dental implants stimulate the jawbone to prevent bone deterioration. Without the implants, the jawbone will eventually become thinner without natural teeth, which may lead to more serious complications if not addressed.

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