Ramus Frame Dental Implant

As promised, please find some information regarding the dental implant options we discussed over the phone. I feel it will be best when you are ready, to have a personal consultation with Dr Sheikh to find which dental implant option will be most suitable in your case. In the meantime, please find some information on the Ramus Frame & Implant supported bridgework option:

Ramus Frame Implant

This is one-piece Titanium implant which is custom shaped from accurate measurements of your jaw. The one-piece implant is gently inserted at three points in the jaw, the chin and into each Ramus. This tri-podial support is extremely strong, using the same principle as a wheelbarrow. Dr Hilt Tatum (Dr Sheikh’s Mentor) is one of the pioneers of this implant and a world expert & authority. Once the implant has healed, a well fitting denture is then fitted on to this horseshoe shaped dental implant.

The advantage of this treatment, I feel, is that in your case is that you will receive good aesthetics of your face and the facial muscles. You will also have balanced support on the front and the back. Also it is relatively easy to maintain. The denture is fixed on the bar and only removed when you wish.

The fee for this type of restorative treatment is £12,000

Implant Supported Bridgework with bone grafting (Enquiry)

I am pleased to advise you that Conventional dental implants are the best alternative to missing natural teeth. They are classed as long restorations. Once the implant is placed, it is then left to heal for approximately 4-6 months. Upon healing, it is then loaded and restored with a permanent porcelain bonded crown.

In the interim period whilst the implant is healing, you can have a provisional denture to restore the gap; you can rest assure that you will never be with a gap until due to clinical reasons you are advised to leave the denture out for 1-2 weeks.

In the first few weeks of this type of restorative treatment you are normally advised to have very soft food, avoid any kind of exertion and complete your full course of antibiotics to prevent any possible infection; also make sure you take the pain relief medication regularly with your antibiotics for the first one or two days until necessary.

I feel that far the best way of assessing your needs would be for the Implantologist to see you. He can then


give you an accurate idea of which is the best choice of treatment. At this stage the bone level is assessed and the appropriate implant treatment is proposed. If the bone level is very low then a bone graft may be advised. Dental implants give you a natural feel & look which boosts your confidence tremendously. I am pleased to advise you that currently a detailed dental implant and cosmetic consultation is completely free of charge until the end of June 2007 (extended).

A rough idea of the fee for your infomation is as follows:

CT Scan £295 (The detailed x-ray allows you to assess the amount of bone deficiency in the lower jaw)

Bone grafting in the lower jaw £3000 +

6 -8 dental implants @ £800 each £4800-£6400

6-8 Posts on to implants @ £400 each £2400-£3200

10-12 Unit bridgework @ £600 each £6000-£7200

Provisional denture £1500

Therefore the fee can be from £18,000-£20,000(Subject to full assessment).

At the studio, we also have an 0% interest payment plan facility, which gives you the flexibility to take care of your dental fees over 6, 10, 18, 24 or even 36 months. Or alternatively should you wish to pay all fees on commencement of treatment we can offer you a 10% discount on fees.

I hope I have been able to answer all your questions. Please feel free to contact me either via email or on 0746 285 8625 to ask any further questions or to arrange a suitable appointment time. I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind regards


Studio & Patient Liaison Manager