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Patient stories

Peter Calagan

And look! I even got my full smile back – fantastic!Watch My Video

Hi, my name is Peter. Back in November of last year, I was looking to have implants, and have been to a couple of people. I came across Dr. Sheikh and had an interview with him (or a consultation) and I liked very much what I was told at the time and decided to go for the implants – in my case, six in total.
I must say, I can’t say that I had a good time but the end result was absolutely fantastic, can’t complain. Look, I can even go (proceeds to bite on an apple) – umm, wonderful! Just to be able to bite into an apple like that was absolutely fantastic. And look! (smiles widely) I even got my full smile back – fantastic!

Dr. Sheikh, thank you very much!

Danise Baretta

coming here, you get the support and the understanding that you needWatch My Video

I’ve been coming here since July of 2011. My whole experience has been quite new because it’s a whole new treatment I’m having. And of course, going to the dentist makes you a bit nervous, but it’s been very welcoming, and very encouraging. Everyone has been very understanding, even if I have been apprehensive about things. The nurses in the center are really quite sweet and supportive – the whole experience has been quite nice.

Interviewer: How was your relationship with Dr. Sheikh as a dentist?

Danise: He’s so sweet. Very encouraging and reassuring, you’re going to know what is happening at every stage of the game, so that’s quite nice. I’m a little bit apprehensive of dentists so I need a little bit of nurturing with the treatment, and he’s been able to provide that.

Interviewer: You’ve had some dental implant treatment; how did you find the whole process?

Danise: As something new, it’s been really nerve-wracking, and a lot of people who don’t need to have implants don’t quite understand it; our friends and family have not been as supportive as I’d like them to be. But coming here, you get the support and the understanding that you need – because you know that you need it; it’s quite nice when you know you are supported.

Interviewer: How would you feel about recommending Dr. Sheikh, and the practice, to your friends?

Danise: I already have! I think my mother will be coming along not so long from now. A couple of friends, and I think my brother is coming, to have a look at the idea of implants.

Interviewer: Would you say that the whole experience with Dr. Sheikh has been positive for you?

Danise: Yes, and from a personal point of view, I can smile again even though the treatment hasn’t been completed. I no longer have to walk around hiding my face, so it’s been good.

Felicia Agbacoba

I find your staff very professional, courteous, and very competentWatch My Video

I think I’ve been coming here since 2004. I find your staff very professional, courteous, and very competent. I’m happy with the treatment I’ve received. All the processes are very satisfying – it’s something that I have been looking for. I had bridges before; and as you know, bridges, after a time, break down and you have to have good teeth in order to support the weak ones or the ones that have fallen away. The implant is very advantageous because you deal with the actual teeth that have the problem, without interfering with the good teeth. I wish I had known that sooner, because that’s what happened – I lost very good teeth because implants were not common, or were not known at that time.
I have already done that, and a few friends have admired the good work done by Dr. Sheikh and Dr. Tatum. They asked “are they all yours?” and I say, “yes, they are”; but if you see me in camera, I’ll explain further. And then they will ask if I can give them the details, and yes – I have given them the details, and two of them are very satisfied as well. They have not stopped praising Dr. Sheikh, and the practice here. I find the treatment very good. I did have an offer of having it done elsewhere, but when I realized (I was recommended by a friend) that Dr. Tatum is the expert, that is the reason why I came here. I don’t know how to describe – he is very good. I didn’t think he would get it right, but I haven’t had any problems at all. I’m very, very happy – I think it is money well spent.

Corinne O’Loughlin

Just go there and try to have a free consultation and that will open up all the possibilitiesWatch My Video

I have been a patient with Dr. Sheikh for about three or four years now, having orthodontist treatment – that’s the first thing I had done in the surgery. I was very pleased with the staff and facilities, and how I’ve been treated here because when I first came here, I had a really big anxiety. I was very nervous about any treatment at all because I’ve had some bad experience in the past. I actually felt very welcome and made comfortable by anyone from the receptionist to the person assisting Dr. Sheikh, in particular.
It was really helping me to feel more comfortable with all the treatments I had because, as I was saying a bit earlier- I had orthodontics, I also had crowns, and I also had some sedation – which was a bit worrying at times but then having the staff around to help me was really, really good; they just hold your hand, literally, and that was really good. I would say that I’ve developed a friendship with Dr. Sheikh because I completely trust him. When I first came here, it was very much about testing him – I wasn’t really sure that this was the right person for me, but he understood immediately what I wanted. He understood that I had some bad experience before and “once bitten, twice shy”, so he had, first of all, to reassure me. Step by step, we’ve built up a relationship that I would call, a “friendship relationship”. I have recommended it to several people for teeth whitening for a start because it’s normally what people tend to go for easily.
I will definitely recommend him for orthodontic treatments as well, which I have done. I will definitely recommend it for anyone who has anxiety, as well as being nervous about going for a treatment because I was in that situation, and that delayed my treatment for probably three to four years. If you are looking for any treatment at all and you are worried about it – just go there and try to have a free consultation and that will open up all the possibilities. I have never felt that I was pressured to do anything – it was always alright, think about it, come back to us when you’re ready – which I think is the right approach. Don’t feel pressured to do any treatment. I’m definitely better in terms of how you look at patient and try to identify them by name, for example. The fact that people call each other by names between customers and the staff there will really make you feel very welcome. To be honest, compared to the other surgeries I’ve been to, people here are not moving around.

My bad experience in the past was mainly because the dentist was moving around, and you have a lot of surgeries, especially in London where the staff are not there for a long period of time so they are more interested in having the clients immediately but they are not looking at the long-term picture. And I think this is definitely different here.

Margaret Rauf

Excellent. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. I’ve got the perfect outcome.Watch My Video

Interviewer (I): How long have you been a patient of Dr. Sheikh’s London Dental Studio?
Margaret Rauf (MR): I think it’s been about five years. I’ve been quite nervous to see a dentist, but I’ve been looked after very well. And everybody’s so friendly, it’s a relaxing atmosphere. My treatments have been very good, I’ve been kept informed all along – what he was going to do, explained everything to me in plain English, and made me feel quite relaxed; got rid of some of the nerves and everything has been perfect. The treatment that I had was a bit different than the normal visit to the dentist, some of it quite complex. Sometimes I wonder how I ever went ahead with it, but it was a necessity. And because it was relaxing being with Dr. Sheikh and Professor Tatum, I found the nerve to go ahead with it. I won’t say it wasn’t painful – it was, but the pain was short-lived and at the end of the day, I’ve got a good result, and that was the main thing. You know, to be able to eat my food normally, and that’s what I’ve got. I don’t think I would’ve gone with it if it had been anyone else, so I recommend it to anybody.
I: Thank you. How is your professional relationship with Dr. Sheikh, as a dentist?
MR: Very good, I think he’d be my only dentist. I don’t think I’d have the nerve to go see anybody else. I’ve already recommended somebody who was quite nervous, and she’s partway through her treatment now. I think she will come out with a good result at the end of it
I: You’ve had surgery by Dr. Tatum, how do you find your experience with him?
MR: I was quite nervous about meeting him for the first time. But he examines you, and explains everything to you; he’s quite relaxed and knowledgeable so it made it easier for me.
I: So, overall, your experience has been…?
MR: Excellent. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. I’ve got the perfect outcome.


I do recommend it to other people and I will recommend to anyoneWatch My Video

Before I went to the London Dental Studio, I was experiencing a lot of pain. It was actually affecting my day to day life – I couldn’t eat properly, I was waking up in so much pain. But after treatment by Dr. Azhar Sheikh, it really helped me – his nurses and he were really friendly, they helped me before and after the treatment.
Before he treated my teeth he will tell me what would happen, and he did reassure me that everything would be okay. Even after the pain had gone, I was coming back for checkups, and during the checkups I felt comfortable to ask him any questions, I didn’t feel embarrassed in any way. I do recommend it to other people and I will recommend to anyone.


I felt like I can handle the pain a lot better than I had beforeWatch My Video

I was very happy with the treatment I received at the London Dental Studio. I found out that from the moment I walked in, to the moment I left, that I was very well taken care of.Toothaches are a very awkward kind of pain and difficult to control, but with the care and advise that I received from Dr. Sheikh and his nurse around him – I felt like I can handle the pain a lot better than I had before. Even during the procedure I was constantly assured that it was a simple operation that wouldn’t last long and that is actually what happened. I was very well impressed.

Everett Scott

Once the work was done, I was extremely happy with it; now I feel really confidentWatch My Video

I came to the London Dental Studio about a year and a half ago. I had a broken front tooth, I had failing caps, gum disease, teeth that needed to be extracted, and basically my mouth was such in a really bad condition. I was petrified because of my previous experience in other dental surgeries. I consulted with Dr. Sheikh, we sat down and we went through a program of action which I was very happy with; and a payment plan as well, which seemed very reasonable.
The treatment started, and lasted for most of the year. I had a lot of work that needed to be done. Dr. Sheikh and his entire team were very patient, very caring, and very professional. Once the work was done, I was extremely happy with it; now I feel really confident. My teeth in front – they’re absolutely fantastic, they feel really natural. I’ve also had implants on the side, implants on the front, teeth extracted. An entire program of, basically, dental care that makes me feel much better now so I’m really happy with the entire process, and with all the work that has been done. I definitely recommend it, I really would.


I’m having the time of my life, Thank youWatch My Video

My name is Ayesha, I’ve just turned 18, and I’m in New York City. I wanted to do something special, so I had my teeth whitened by Dr. Sheikh himself. He was very reassuring, calming, and I owe to him my nice smile. So I want to say thank you very much, and I’m having the time of my life. Thank you, Dr. Sheikh!

Shazia & Ayesha

We’re really enjoying our smilesWatch My Video

We are in holiday here in Times Square, New York, and we just wanted to say a very big thank you to Dr. Sheikh for giving us such a fabulous smile. I had a lot of fillings and my daughter had teeth whitening and a lot of other dental treatments and we are very happy with the treatments. Also, we are very happy with how Dr. Sheikh looked after us. We’re in New York, the city where people have beautiful smiles, and just wanted to say a very big thank you- we’re really enjoying our smiles and having a great holiday. Thank you Dr. Sheikh, we’ll see you soon!


Well, he’s very gentle and caring; he’s also very cautiousWatch My Video

My name is Sarah and I live in Watford. Dr. Sheikh has been my dentist for longer than I’d care to mention without giving my age away – it’s a long time. The reason I keep going to Dr. Sheikh, even though I’m in Watford and he’s in Victoria? Well, he’s very gentle and caring; he’s also very cautious.

Dr. Sheikh takes the long term view – he doesn’t want to rush into any treatment or intervention before thinking about the overall health of your mouth, and I found that very reassuring. Also, when I’m in his surgery, I am the main focus; he’s not thinking about the patient that he’s just seen, or the one waiting in the waiting room to come up next. I am the absolute priority while I’m on the dentist’s chair. I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Sheikh as your dentist, too.

Bernadette Snoussi

Everything was carried out so professionally, with great expertise, and attention to detailWatch My Video

I’ve known Dr. Sheikh for many years as a patient, and I have every confidence in him, but I would have to say I was quite nervous at the prospect of dental implants – but I didn’t have any cause to worry. Everything was carried out so professionally, with great expertise, and attention to detail. All of questions were answered very patiently; every stage was clearly explained to me, and I’m absolutely delighted with the results. I feel much more self-confident now, I feel like my old self, and it’s just the best thing I have ever done. Thanks to Dr. Sheikh, and everybody in the team, and I’m just really, really happy – I’d recommend this to everybody.

Sherreene Golding

I will definitely return – thanks againWatch My Video

I’d like to say a big thank you to the London Dental Studio in Victoria. When I first came, I had no front tooth, I was a mess. I saw Dr. Sheikh who is an absolutely brilliant dentist. He has restored my smile, I feel so much more confident now. I’d like to say thank you to the staff here who have made me feel so welcome and who have been so comforting. I will definitely recommend the London Dental Studio in Victoria to all my friends, and I will definitely return – thanks again!

Laura Douglas

Always, every step of the way was explained to meWatch My Video

I’ve been coming to the London Dental Studio for about six years since 2006; I initially came because I was interested in dental implants, and I needed a bone graft for my implants. Obviously that was a massive thing for me, I was really quite anxious about having that done. I am worried that it would cost a lot of money and about the medical procedure, but I found that Dr. Sheikh was absolutely amazing – he explained everything, he was really patient, able to answer all my questions. I went ahead with the implants and I’ve been very, very happy with them – no problems whatsoever, very straightforward procedure. Always, every step of the way was explained to me.
I also had all-porcelain crowns which were really great, because I was worried about my black line that I’d sometimes see that my friends had at the top of their crown; but here, they use all porcelain crowns so there is no issue with anything looking not very nice – the aesthetic look of the crowns are amazing. I’ve had inlays, I’ve had fillings, I’ve had root canals, and other dentists have commented at how exceptional the work is.
The staff are really, really friendly – whenever I phone up or come in, they’re patient and ask more questions. Dr. Sheikh has become really a bit more than a dentist now; he’s like a friend as well because we always have a laugh, he always makes time for me. I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with all the work I’ve had done, and now I just come back for maintenance every six months with the hygienist. I would give Dr. Sheikh and London Dental a massive thumbs up, thanks very much!

Satish Dhanjee

I would surely recommend Dr. Sheikh to anyone considering dental implantsWatch My Video

My name is Satish Dhanjee. I was referred to Dr. Sheikh by my dentist who is in Kent. The initial consultation was carried out in 2011 – it was free, it was professionally done without any pressure. I decided after two months to have the procedures of five implants carried out. Throughout the consultations, and later the procedures, I felt very at ease with the answers and explanations given to me by Dr. Sheikh, of how the work was to progress.
Dr. Sheikh was available at any time I needed, on the phone, to answer any questions I had between appointments. One of the implants did not take very well and did not settle; it had to be re-done this year, in 2012. Without any cripple or fuss, this was successful, and I was absolutely satisfied with all the operations. I would surely recommend Dr. Sheikh to anyone considering dental implants.

Della Chivers

Just being able to smile – it’s such a simple thingWatch My Video

I had my first appointment I think, January or February this year, I made a decision to have some implants. I came here to Victoria, and just hopefully had my last treatment and my final adjustment. I now have a wonderful smile, which makes me very happy. It (the treatment) was painless, as much as it can be.

I was told about every aspect of the treatment in great detail, everybody was very kind; the whole process was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It wasn’t painful at all, and the aftercare has been incredible, and it has been one of the best things I had ever done – and it does change your life, it really does.

Just being able to smile – it’s such a simple thing for most people to do, but not for everyone. I know it takes a lot of courage to actually go to a dentist, with being afraid of a dentist and things, but if you want to do this, please do it. Coming in here has really been pleasurable – it’s lovely, everyone is really nice, and I have the best dentist ever so I highly recommend it.

Ruslan Korovin

I’ve got plenty of good advice about how to look after my teeth in the futureWatch My Video

came to the London Dental Studio for the first time two or three years ago for a dental emergency.

I was really happy about how quickly I was seen, and how quickly the problem got sorted.

I’ve been back a couple of times since then to see Dr. Sheikh, and the service has been good. The teeth feel healthy afterwards and <strong>I’ve got plenty of good advice about how to look after my teeth in the future

Ahmad Dawood

My treatment was successful – the implant was successful, and I’m happy and smiling as you can see!Watch My Video

About two years ago, I found that my upper and lower bridges on my molars have collapsed. I was obviously in pain and suffering a bit. I went to two or three dentists with a view of getting an idea of how an implant works, but two years ago I met Dr. Sheikh who, the moment I talked to him, put my mind to rest with the assurances he gave me. His bedside manner was very calming, because obviously when you think of an implant, and the sort of intrusive nature of the treatment, one becomes concerned and very anxious that it’s going to be a very difficult and painful treatment.
Before I could give it much thought I decided that this was the dental surgeon I’d like to go with to have the treatment done. Professor Tatum did the bone implant, which was very successful – I was very happy. Again, I was very anxious, but things went very well (the implants went well). Dr. Sheikh was very patient and gave me a lot of confidence and before I could give it much thought, everything went well and fell into place. My treatment was successful – the implant was successful, and I’m happy and smiling as you can see! Thank you!

Sarah Stewart

y experience has been really lovely, thank you very much!Watch My Video

I came to the London Dental Studio about a year ago, and I had checkups and just wanted to inquire about getting two implants. I found then friendly and made me feel really comfortable so I checked in for treatment.

The whole way through, I’ve been treated really well, Dr. Sheik’s been lovely – he’s always asked if there are any problems I’ve had, always there if I needed him by email, or saying to call if I needed reassurances.

The procedure itself went absolutely fine and the recovery was very quick; and then I had checkups after to make sure everything was okay, and then I had my final crowns fitted in January this year.
Ever since then I’ve been really happy; I haven’t had any problems, and I’ve come back to the dentistry a few times for checkups. Everyone’s been really helpful and good to accommodate me around my schedule – everyone’s been good and made sure that they can fit appointments and that I can come.

My experience has been really lovely, thank you very much!

Br. Akhlaaq

thank you for doing a wonderful job on my teeth, and getting me ready for my wedding dayWatch My Video

Hi all, I’m standing in Vatican City just in front of St. Peter’s Basilica – one of the largest churches in the world and the second largest museum in the world contained within the Vatican itself. Just a short message to say “thank you” to Dr. Sheikh and his team at Life Dental Studio for doing a wonderful job on my teeth, making them nice and white and getting me ready for my wedding day

I would like to say thank you – they were really professional, they were really efficient, and they did a really, really nice job. I would recommend everybody to come and visit them in Victoria, London. Thank you very much from me!


He’s absolutely thorough; he’s ever so gentle and careful with you.Watch My Video

My name is Sofronis. I’ve been a personal friend to Dr. Sheikh ever since we were in school together. I’ve known him through his school years, college years, and ever since he has become a dentist. I’ve been to see him ever since and I wouldn’t change it for anybody else. He’s absolutely thorough; he’s ever so gentle and careful with you. He seems to be almost afraid to overdo the treatment; he always does what is minimally required. Also, he always gives his attention when he’s looking after you. He’s been looking after me and my family for many years now.

I think what I like about him as well, is that he has been keeping up with the latest developments so that you know when you come here that you get the best, most up-to-date treatment that you can possibly have. But basically, the biggest factor is the fact that when you’re sitting down on that chair, you are the only thing he’s thinking about, and he will make sure that you get the best possible treatment – and he will put you at ease as much as he can.


it makes me feel so much more confident that I have the teethWatch My Video

Hello, my name is Sofia. I had an implant at the London Dental Studio about four years ago. <strong>It was really easy – I came in, had a consultation, had a chat and they told me what was going to happen, what I could expect. When I turned up on the day, it was just as easy.

I had sedation, so I was very relaxed, very sleepy but I didn’t feel anything, it just sort of happened and when I woke up I went on my merry way. Now I have extra teeth that I didn’t have before, and <strong>it makes me feel so much more confident that I have the teeth – I had a couple of molars done at the back -so it’s enabled me to chew properly to enjoy my food. I’m so glad I came to London Dental Studio.

Elizabeth Roderick

I’ve been so well-looked after and now I’m really pleased with the result!Watch My Video

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sheikh’s at the London Dental Studio since September 2006. I have found the practice, the staff, and the facilities all to be extremely helpful. The staff is always very attentive; the practice is clean; the facilities are excellent. My experience with Dr. Sheikh as a dentist has been very positive. I’ve been quite a nervous patient, and treatment at times has been quite painful; but having said that, I’ve always felt that I’m in safe hands – Dr. Sheikh’s worked really hard to reassure me and I really appreciated that.
I’ve had dental implant treatment, and found the process quite painful; the implant itself was actually fine, I was just unfortunate enough to need a sinus graft so that was quite painful. But the implant itself was very straightforward, and I felt on top right after the three-hour process.
I’m going to recommend the dental implant treatment to my friends and family; I did recommend it to a work colleague and she came here and had an implant herself. I’ve had surgery with Dr. Tatum, and I found that he’s a very attentive dentist and he also takes great pride in his work. I feel like I’m in very safe hands and enjoyed, really, working with Dr. Tatum. I really have been very happy with my treatment – I’ve had three teeth implanted, I’ve been so well-looked after and now I’m really pleased with the result!