New Approach

A New Approach To Your New Life without Missing Teeth

Our Philosophy is Simple

We Don’t Treat Teeth…We treat the whole person!

Teeth never walk in on their own – they are usually brought in by a person!

Team Approach

As in all other aspects of life, there are very few if any Dental Implantologists that have complete mastery of the field. Here at Life Dental we pride ourselves on our Dedicated implant team that consists of Dr Sheikh supported by Professor Hilt Tatum, a world renowned dental implantologist, a consultant Maxillofacial surgeon, a medical anaesthetist to administer conscious sedation where necessary, skilled implant coordinators and implant nurses, and high quality laboratory support.

All this is designed to deliver predictable, safe high quality dental care to you the patient.

Our Philosophy is simple. We actually listen to how you feel about life without teeth, and how you feel about seeing the dentist and your desires and concerns with Dental Implants.

At Life Dental Implants we care about you as the most important person in the process of providing dental implant treatment. We want to treat “you” the whole person by identifying your desires and needs, excitements and anxieties so we can provide a bespoke service that addresses your individual needs. We want to you to be satisfied with your treatment and be confident that a long term plan is in place to help ensure that your dental implants and your natural teeth last in a good condition for a very long time. We want to help you have confidence in your teeth and your smile as nature intended. Not everyone is suited to a “Hollywood Smile” and often for a lot of people it is just plain wrong. We will try to restore or enhance your function in a way that suits your personality and your Life. Its your life and you should take charge of it.

We Treat the Whole Person, Not a Set of Teeth


At Life Dental Implant we are concerned with your overall well being not just filling gaps in your teeth. Our general approach is to do a full oral and general health assessment. This will enable the formulation of a treatment plan based on your desires and needs (often the two are very different). we will identify all aspects of treatment need in your mouth e.g. necessary fillings, gum treatment etc. it is usually desirable that all basic treatment is carried out prior to any dental implant treatment so that implants are placed into a stable, safe and healthy mouth. This can be done at Life Dental or at your own regular dentist. For most people this is straightforward but for others it may be more involved. The implant treatment is carried out as planned with necessary accompanying maintenance treatment such as the hygienist and preventive care and advice.

“Life is all about trust”
it takes time and care to do Dental Implant treatment properly

The implant component of your treatment is done according to your personal and clinical needs. This inevitably takes months and will take longer for the more complex plans. Despite many claims to the contrary you should not regard implant treatment as a quick fix – it usually doesn’t work that way. Dr Sheikh and his team will be with all the way to support and comfort.

It is very important that dental implants are provided with due consideration to your general health. Implant treatment should not adversely affect your general health and conversely they should not be affected by your medical conditions, treatments investigations and medication.

Upon completion you will be advised of recall intervals with Life Dental and/or your regular dentist. it is important that a prevention and home-care programme is in place to ensure the long term health of your teeth, implants and overall health.

Having Dental Implants is a Personal Journey and Your Experience Should be a Positive One


We understand that every patient has a unique and very personal set of reasons for wanting dental implant treatment from the very simple and blindingly obvious to more complex functional and psychological ones. This is exactly the reason why we value the first consultation session with you, so we can have complete understanding of you the person, what you request, what’s actually needed, your feelings and any anxieties. it is important to know about significant life events such as marriage, new jobs, relationships etc. also important of course are timing issues, travel, work constraints and budget of course. we will do our best in addressing all these issues as part of your treatment plan.

Sometimes all the treatment that is needed cannot be provided all at once and it needs to be done in phases for either clinical or personal reasons; this is normal and all part of the process. The road to China begins with a single step – we will be with you along the way.

Honest Advise. A Friendly, Caring and Professional Team that You Can Trust


At Life understand the frustration that you as a patient may feel, when you are expected to just sit and let the experts do their procedures WITHOUT even giving you the information on exactly what will be done. Other experts will say that dental implants are nothing to be worried about – that the procedure will be relatively simple, and that fears are mostly unfounded. At Life know what’s important to you, so we go one step further in our quest to give you the best quality of service and care, especially when it comes to your dental implant concerns.

You Have a Voice – We are Here to listen to What’s Important in Your Life

We are here to listen

Your concerns are our priority, so we make sure that your voice will be heard throughout the whole process – from completely discussing the dental implant procedure, deciding on the treatment program that will best address your concerns, what to expect from the procedure itself, up to the steps that need to be done after the procedure has been finished. Our approach makes sure that your fears are put to rest completely long before the actual dental implant treatment takes place, so you can look forward to two things – assurance on what our experts can do for you, and excitement on what the future may bring after the treatment.

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