One Tooth Lost and Found

As soon as even a single tooth is lost, a portion of the jaw bone deteriorates…

If you lost a single tooth, you may think that it will not pose a problem – after all, you still have all of the other teeth intact, right? However, as soon as even a single tooth is lost, a portion of the jaw bone deteriorates – in the long run, your appearance may also be affected by that lone tooth loss. Losing one tooth will benefit from a dental implant – a single prosthetic to be used as a replacement. The implant will replace the look and function of the tooth that was lost, as well as a portion of the root.

Missing Tooth Options Anterior (Front)

Missing Tooth Options Posterior (Back)

The need for a dental implant is made even more significant (and at times, more urgent) if the tooth lost is located in the front

part – where even the barest hint of a smile can show the sad-looking gap. In this case, only expert dental implant professionals can masterfully bring back the dazzle to one’s (incomplete) smile. Dr Azhar Sheikh’s expertise will make sure that the dental implant will look as natural as the teeth surrounding it; after the procedure is done, it would seem like the tooth was not even lost in the first place!

No More Gap

Single-tooth implants involve placing the implant directly on to the jawbone, through an opening made by the dentist. The implant is then allowed to attach or integrate itself into the bone, and in essence acts as the new “root”; this new root is where the crown (to replace the lost tooth) will be attached, in the process filling the space previously left gaping by the lost tooth.