Nervous Patient Care & Conscious Sedation

Please Don’t Feel Embarrassed – There are Millions of People with Missing Teeth and We Can help

embarrassed about missing teeth
If you feel embarrassed because of a missing tooth (or a group of teeth), and you want to do something about it, dental implants are here to make life much easier for you. We assure you that all of your dental implant concerns and questions will be addressed through every step of the way, so there are no unwelcome surprises in the course of your treatment.

Nervous Patients and Conscious ‘Intravenous’ Sedation

is now one of the most common techniques to ease the fears of patients who need to undergo dental procedures.

Scared of the Dentist or Nervous

There are countless patients who dread the thought of having to go to their dentist. Even simple routine procedures present serious emotional challenges and the. thought of having dental implants may seem a mountain too high to climb. Nervousness and anxiety can be severe enough that many patient will forgo dental treatment putting up with even dental abscess because of dental phobia.

There Should be No Unpleasant Surprises in Life

A caring and sympathetic approach is often sufficient to establish trust between the dentist and patient and alleviate fears sufficiently to allow patients to have treatment in the normal way with careful support and consideration from the dental team; and this is one of Dr Sheikh’s great strengths. However, there are many other cases when patients’ anxieties, often from childhood experiences or simply from an irrational fear of the dentist are so great that further assistance is needed in addition to the above approach conscious sedation may be the answer.

Studies have shown that approximately 30 percent of dental patients from all over the world avoid going to the dentist because of “dental phobia”. This phobia prevents patients from getting the dental care they need, and results in more serious dental problems to come up in the future.

Also called “relaxation dentistry” or “sedation dentistry”, conscious sedation is now one of the most common techniques to ease the fears of patients who need to undergo dental procedures. During the procedure, you will be relaxed but awake, able to breathe on your own, respond to requests and commands and be able to speak to the dentist during the procedure. the technique has the added benefit t that time passes very quickly and there is a very useful memory wipe meaning any less than pleasant details of the procedure are not remembered.

This is a very pleasant, and powerful and immensely useful technique and there are very few patients who cannot be successfully treated this way.