Metal Acrylic Bridge for Same Day Teeth Dental Implants

Same day teeth dental implants provide great solutions for missing teeth, without the need for a long waiting period for the dental implants to actually be placed – and for the teeth restorations to serve the form and function of the teeth that are lost. The material used for the teeth restorations can have a huge impact on the success of the whole same day teeth dental implants system in the long run, so Life Dental Implants London will give you the information you need to know about a metal acrylic bridge – to empower you with the knowledge to make the best decision regarding your tooth restorations.

An acrylic bridge is usually attached to the same day teeth dental implants; these acrylic bridges provide the aesthetics and function that will be needed to replace those of teeth that are lost. This bridge is often regarded as provisional. Therefore,  patients prefer to have this acrylic bridge to be replaced with a stronger metal acrylic bridge after the surgery has stabilised. The metal acrylic bridge can be created with metal alloys (such as chrome cobalt alloy or gold alloy), and are commonly used in areas of the mouth that are not too visible – such as the back teeth area – because the metal parts may not be very aesthetically pleasing. These metal acrylic bridges, however, can be mixed with acrylic or porcelain to achieve better aesthetics, resulting in a dental bridge that is strong and attractive to look at.

For those patients that wish, definitive bridges can be constructed from metal ceramic or all ceramic Zirconia frameworks where the additional costs are not an issue.

Life Dental Implants in London believes that you, as a patient, deserve to have all the information you need to be able to make great choices when it comes to your same day teeth dental implants treatment. The information regarding the dental bridge material can greatly help you in your preference, so you can fully enjoy your same day teeth dental implants with the biggest and brightest of smiles.

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