Aftercare and Maintenance of Your Dental Implants

It is essential that implant restorations of any kind are well maintained after provision to ensure that you get many years of trouble free use and enjoyment.


You will be advised as to what is necessary and the treatment offered in the practice. patients with their own regular dentist will be referred back for ongoing continuing care and maintenance. It needs to be appreciated that implant restorations have a different form and anatomy from natural teeth and require different/additional means of oral hygiene and maintenance.

Regular Check-ups and Hygiene

This is an essential part of the maintenance.


Regular checkups and hygiene are intended to ensure the long term health of your dentition which includes natural teeth and implant restorations. Regular visits to the practice allow the team to check that your oral health is satisfactory and that the implants are functioning well. If any maintenance is needed then this can be identified early and preventative measures taken or intervention kept to a minimum.

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Homecare – Caring for Your Dental Implants at Home

The dental team will ensure that you have the information and support that you need to carry out effective home-care.


This means effective brushing, use of floss, use of antiseptic/fluoride mouthwashes and any other dental aids that may be appropriate. This is essential for the long term health of your dentition. You may visit the practice once every few months therefore effective, thorough home-care every day is crucial to ensure good long term dental and oral health.

Implant Care

Dental Implant long Term Maintenance

Cleaning Studs & Bars

Prevention is the Best Form of Defence

You will be advised about the causes of dental disease and their effective prevention.


Tooth decay and gum disease is primarily caused by what we eat and drink. A diet that is high in sugars and acids is detrimental to teeth and gums by potentially decaying the teeth and causing gum disease. Sugars are contained in almost anything sweet we consume; we also need to be aware of “hidden sugars” in foods that we are unaware of such as peas and corn etc. Acids are contained in ALL fizzy drinks including diet drinks, sparkling water and fruit juices. This type of diet is particularly harmful where food and drinks are consumed as snacks which is very common in our current busy lives. However Life is more than just about teeth (!) and advice will be given to allow you to consume the diet that you enjoy within reason and to effectively prevent dental disease.