Limitations and Risks of Dental Implants

It is important to know that as with any medical/dental intervention there are limitations and risks. These include but are not limited to:

image• Implants are a substitute for your natural teeth not a direct replacement and they cannot replicate them exactly. Your teeth are a precious natural commodity given to you once in your life and you can never have another set like them.

• Constraints that your mouth, anatomy, available bone, will place on your replacement teeth.

• Usually it is not possible to give you a set of artificial teeth to exactly match the natural teeth that you used to have. The longer ago the tooth loss occurred and the more teeth that were lost the truer this statement is.

• There may be limits on the amount of surgery that you wish to or are able undertake. The same goes for the time frame that you are prepared to or can allow for your treatment. Implant treatment s by their nature can be prolonged. allow

• Your physical, medical and psychological status may determine what is or is not feasible.

• Costs are a very important factor and you should only embark on a treatment plan knowing that your costs are fully funded or that arrangements are in place to do so. This is fair on you and the implant team.