Leaving the Starship

United Federation of Planets

Federation Starship Solitude, Captain’s log, Stardate ……….

The strangers have gone.

They were on board for many parsecs but the time seemed to pass quite quickly as they developed. We always knew that this time would come; that they would leave to establish their own planetary systems and they will make fine Federation ambassadors each of them. We did get rather attached to them in a strange way. The first officer is quite emotional but as Captain it does not behove to show such weakness – in any case the Vulcans on board would not approve. They have promised to return and visit us. But time and circumstances conspire against and teh universe is vast.

There were three; each had their own peculiarities. The female alien was very engaging; seemed to make the most noise and we were aware of her presence most of the time – giggled a lot for some unknown reason. The two males were very different. One very Spock like, always studying other planets and civilisations and the other very good with warp drives and dilithium crystal power plants. The chief engineer will miss his analytical input.

The first officer and I will carry on as we always have done and will do but this batch of visitors seemed to have made a mark. I see the vast emptyness of space through the ship’s screens which seems to be a metaphore for what is happening in our minds and hearts. The ship seems emptier, and the footsteps echo.

Very strange. Illogical

Still, can’t dwell there is work to be done. This is life but not as we have known it.

Captain’s log ends.