Instant Smiles with Same Day Fixed Teeth Replacement

Dealing with missing teeth can be frustrating, especially when one is faced with the thought of being unable  to go through daily activities like eating, speaking, and smiling normally. Dental implants provide solutions for missing teeth, but traditional techniques of implants placement can involve a tretament  period that can span months or years. Life Dental Implants in London will give you more information about an option that eliminates months of waiting – same day teeth

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Same day teeth replacement enables dental implants to be placed, and the restoration tooth (or teeth) to be attached to the implant – all in a single visit to the dentist. After the initial consultation and assessment step is finished (to determine the suitability of a patient with the same day teeth replacement procedure), a person can have the dental implants placed in the morning, and have the teeth replacement (such as a full mouth bridge crown) attached in the afternoon; when evening comes, he or she can enjoy the benefits of the teeth replacement, without having to go through long months of waiting just to have missing teeth replaced.

Life Dental Implants London can give you the solution to missing teeth you have always dreamt of – without the long waiting period that comes with the territory – with same day teeth replacement. As long as you meet the criteria for suitability with this procedure, you can start to reap the rewards of missing teeth solutions in the same day that the dental implants and teeth restorations are placed. You can say goodbye to long months of waiting – and say hello to a  new smile in a matter of hours.