Instant Smile Rejuvenation with a Same Day Teeth Treatment

Dental implants bring back the healthy appearance and use of your smile, after suffering from the effects of tooth loss. The implants replace the lost tooth roots to keep the jawbone stimulated, and will be attached to teeth restorations so your smile is vastly improved functionally & aesthetically. If you are hesitant to get dental implants because of the long healing period involved, you might want to consider getting same day teeth implants instead.

Same day teeth, or same day dental implants, offer you all the benefits of conventional dental implant treatment with a huge bonus – instant smile improvement! As the name suggests, the treatment can be completed within a single dental appointment. You can go into the Life Dental Implants clinic in the morning with missing teeth, and go home later that day with a brand-new, complete smile. The teeth extractions (if required), implant placement on the jawbone, and attachment of tooth restorations are all done in one day.

For eligible individuals, the same day teeth treatment can give instant smile restoration without the long wait for the implants to heal. The implants are placed into the jawbone using a minimally-invasive procedure, which also eliminates the need for more complicated treatments such as bone grafting. You will not have to go toothless for days or weeks as the implants heal, because the teeth replacements – such as dental crowns or a dental bridge – are attached to the artificial tooth roots within the same day.

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