Implants to Solve Multiple Tooth Loss Problems

Multiple tooth loss can be a devastating experience. If you lose most of your teeth, you will immediately feel and see the problems associated with missing teeth. What were once effortless activities, such as eating, speaking clearly, or biting on food will become extremely difficult and even painful to manage. You might find it embarrassing to smile even a little, because that small act will show unsightly gaps in your smile caused by the multiple tooth loss.


An implant treatment at Life Dental Implants London can solve the problems associated with the loss of a few or all of your teeth. Implants are attached directly to your jawbone to replace the function of lost tooth roots, preventing the problems caused by bone deterioration. The titanium implants are used to hold the teeth restorations firmly in place, so they can be used with confidence without fear of unnecessary movement – a problem that loose denture wearers are unfortunately very familiar with. Teeth restorations that are attached to implants will not move inside the mouth, and can be relied upon to stay securely in place, attached to the jawbone.

Implants and custom-made teeth restorations bring back the naturally attractive appearance of the smile. After an implant treatment, you will have the confidence to once again smile brightly without fear of exposing your toothless condition. You will get to enjoy once again your meal times, as well as normal speech, with the help of an implant treatment to solve multiple tooth loss problems.

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