Implant Treatment Detailed Assessment with Dr. Azhar Sheikh

Your initial free consultation at Life Dental Implants enables you to be acquainted with Dr. Azhar Sheikh, as he gives you a detailed explanation of what to expect from the dental implant treatment. As you decide to go through the procedure to bring back the healthy form and function of your smile, the next step will be a detailed assessment to obtain all the information necessary for a safe, successful implant placement.

detailed assessment

You will be asked to give specific details about your dental and medical status. Diagnostics such as dental X-rays and dental CT scans are usually obtained at this point, to help give a clear idea about your dental implant needs. The information gathered will be assessed by Dr. Sheikh, who will then work on formulating a precise treatment plan that corresponds to your goals and needs as far as dental implants are concerned. Mock-ups of the end result may be created to help you visualise what the treatment will result to, and also to help in treatment precision.

The actual placement of implants will not proceed without your full consent. You will be presented with a detailed report that you can go through as you make up your mind about the dental implant treatment. Dr. Sheikh will also advise you if it is deemed that implants are not the most suitable treatment for your specific condition; alternative treatments will be given so you can make the best decisions when it comes to your missing teeth problems.

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