How Too Much Sugar can Harm your Smile

We have always been told to cut down our sugar intake and to avoid eating too many sweets to prevent tooth decay. This idea has been deeply ingrained into our systems since childhood; however, most of us find it hard to stay far away from our favourite sweet treats and the giddy feelings they trigger. If only we had a clearer idea of how high-sugar food items work on damaging our teeth, maybe we can find it easier to limit our love for desserts?

Our mouths naturally have bacteria present, but not everything is out to harm our teeth. Certain bacteria, however, can work on developing acids when they are left to feed on a large amount of sugar left inside the mouth. These acids can create cavities, which are small holes that form on the tooth enamel. When left untreated, cavities can worsen and go deeper into the affected tooth, resulting in tooth pain and may even lead to tooth loss.

The saliva works in naturally repairing the damage done to the tooth enamel through the replacement of lost minerals. However, a high sugar diet will counteract the damage repair process; eating too much of the sweets you love makes it harder for your tooth enamel to fight the acid attacks, and makes your teeth even more susceptible to tooth decay. Aside from cutting your sugar intake, you can also choose high-calcium food & beverages to protect your teeth, as well as eating high-fibre fruits & vegetables to stimulate healthy saliva production.

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