How to Rebuild your Smile with Dental Implants

Tooth loss presents numerous problems with regards to your smile’s appearance and function. As soon as you lose your natural teeth, you – and your smile – will experience drastic changes which can only worsen with time if not addressed early on. A toothless smile will give you an unhealthy and much more mature appearance. The way you chew food and speak will also be affected negatively by the loss of natural teeth.

There is still a chance for you to bring back your healthy smile after losing some or all of your natural teeth. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium which are inserted into the jawbone and left to integrate with the surrounding tissue. After the healing period, the implants are then attached to either dental crowns or a dental bridge to complete the restoration of the smile. In some cases, the smile restoration can be completed without the healing period, within the same day of implant placement with what is referred to as a same day dental implant treatment.

Missing teeth problems can be solved with the help of dental implants, which will work on successfully rebuilding your smile. Proper teeth function is restored after a dental implant treatment at Life Dental Implants – you can eat your favourite meals without the discomfort and embarrassment brought by a toothless condition, and you will also be able to speak clearly once more. A healthy smile appearance is also restored after the placement of dental implants and the corresponding teeth replacement.

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