How to Keep your Lips Healthy

February 20th, 2017LIFE and SmilesComments:0

Your teeth are not the only aspects to be considered when it comes to having a beautiful smile. Your lips provide a frame and complete the entirety of your smile, so you also have to ensure that your lips are well taken care of if you want to have (and maintain) a gorgeous smile.

What can you do to keep your lips healthy? Here are some useful tips to get you started:

  • Keep yourself hydrated with water, which is not only good in preventing dehydrated as it also keeps your lips from being chapped. Dry lips do not look good as they make you look unhealthy; keep those lips moisturised from within by drinking plenty of water.
  • A balanced diet filled

    with fruits and vegetables can make your lips look healthy in a natural manner. Regularly eating fruits and vegetables make your skin glow, and will also make your lips healthily plump & pink without the need for cosmetics.
  • Keep your lips moisturised with by applying a thin film of petroleum jelly. You can also use your preferred lip balm, but petroleum jelly works wonders in keeping your lips moisturised and protected in cold or hot weather.
  • For smoother lips, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to gently brush the surface of your lips; this will remove the dry skin patches. You can exfoliate and smoothen your lips by rubbing sugar to remove the dead skin cells on the surface.

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