How to Deal with Tooth Sensitivity

December 6th, 2018Oral Health CareComments:0

Do you have sensitive teeth? If you feel a sudden pain whenever you consume something cold or hot, then you may be dealing with a tooth sensitivity problem. For some, the sensitivity is a slight annoyance that can be ignored, especially if it is only felt when teeth are exposed to temperature changes. However, it is very important to address this issue to prevent more complicated concerns, such as enamel erosion or tooth decay, from developing.

Going to the dentist to have the problem checked is the best thing you can do for teeth sensitivity. Your dentist can determine the extent of the problem and provide the appropriate treatment to prevent more serious dental issues. However, you can also do a few things to manage sensitive teeth. Your diet plays a vital role in your tooth sensitivity, so you should be extra conscious of what you drink or eat. Avoid too cold items such as ice cream and iced drinks, or extremely hot food like coffee or hot soup as these will most likely trigger a painful episode. Highly acidic drinks and food items, such as citrus fruit or juices, can also worsen sensitivity.

You can do prevention or treatment for your sensitive tooth issue at home. Ask your dentist for toothpaste products specifically for sensitive teeth to ease your discomfort. These products work by temporarily forming a seal over small holes on the teeth surface, which expose the nerves. Dealing with exposed teeth nerves, such as dental bonding over the exposed areas, will also ensure that you can avoid painful sensitive teeth problems.

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