How Junk Food Affects your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth includes regular visits to your dentist, who can check for early signs of dental problems and give you the appropriate treatment. However, you cannot simply rely on your dentist to keep your smile healthy – you also need to do your part. Aside from proper and regular tooth brushing, you might want to check if your eating habits are harming your teeth. Junk foods are some of the worst enemies of a healthy smile!

Most people think of junk food as treats, and maybe even as rewards that they deserve after going through something challenging. The good feeling coming from the treats, however, is just fleeting – but the consequences to your dental health can be lasting if eating junk food has become a habit.

A lot of your favourite junk food – sticky sweet treats like doughnuts, cookies, chocolate bars, and crisps – are loaded with sugar that is harmful to your teeth. The bacteria found inside the mouth feed on the sugar from these food items and create acids that will eventually work to damage the teeth enamel. If the acid stays long on teeth surfaces, they may lead to tooth decay and gum disease development.

Avoiding junk foods will go a long way to keep a healthy and beautiful smile. Choose healthier snack choices instead, which are full of nutrient good for your body – and your teeth. A treat once in a while may not be that harmful compared to heavy and regular consumption of sugary food and drinks, but you must make it a point to properly brush your teeth after eating or drinking the stuff to make sure that the food particles are washed away completely from your mouth.

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