Home Care after an Implant Treatment

An implant treatment will provide long-term solutions for your missing teeth problems. The dental implants are embedded into your jawbone using a surgical procedure, and the implants will, in turn, be attached to teeth replacements (such as a dental bridge, or dental crowns) to restore your smile. After the surgery, you will need to take things easy to ensure that your implants will heal properly and to make sure that you will have minimal discomfort.

What can you do at home, right after your dental implant treatment? The best thing you can do is rest. The downtime will help jumpstart your body’s natural healing process so that the surgical site heals properly. Avoid strenuous activities and do not lift heavy objects. If possible, stay off your feet and take as much rest as you need. Staying relaxed can help reduce discomfort, and prevent bleeding in the surgery area.

You will still need to clean your mouth to maintain good oral hygiene. Wash your mouth using a warm saltwater rinse – be careful not to gargle because this may disturb the implant site. Instead, use a very gentle motion to swish the saltwater around the inside of your mouth. You can also use a cold compress on your cheek on the area of the implant surgery to help ease the swelling and pain. Get in touch with your implant dentist if the pain or bleeding becomes severe so that the proper treatment can be given to you.

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