Healthy Eating for a Healthy Smile

The food you eat affects your weight, but did you know that your diet also has an impact on your smile? The food and beverages you consume play crucial roles in your oral health, and now is the best time to take stock of your diet to know if you are doing everything you can to maintain your healthy smile. Healthy eating will not only help you in achieving a healthy body weight – your smart food choices will also help you enjoy a beautiful smile for a longer period of time.

healthy eating healthy smile

Keep your diet high in healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables which are good for your body and for your teeth as well. Crunchy vegetables such as celery act as a natural broom that sweeps away food pieces that may be stuck to teeth surfaces, and in between the teeth and gum line. Load up on cheese and milk products that are high in calcium, which can help in making the teeth stronger. Make water your favourite beverage – it washes away food debris inside the mouth, and keeps you well-hydrated without the unnecessary calories.

Healthy eating choices include avoiding the food and drinks that can harm your teeth. Limit your intake of items that are high in sugar, which can interact with bacteria inside the mouth to form acids. These acids can attack the teeth, leading to tooth decay and other dental problems. Avoid drinks and food items that have high acidity, because they can lead to the premature erosion of the tooth enamel.

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